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I have a 92' Buick Regal 3.1L went out to start it sunday and wouldnt not start, its cranking and trying but just wont... but we didnt hear the fuel pump come come. so we just replace the fuel pump,filter/strainer, n relay and still same.. and prior to this we had installed 3 new coils,3 of the 6 spark plugs and wires, and new battery... so just went and got a harmonic balancer to put in a new crankshaft sensor today. if anyone has any idea's on what could be the problem tht be gr8.. just not getting gas for sum reason smell nothin coming out the tail pipe, plus cnt hear the new pump turning on.. thanks:doh:

posted by  Rizzo420

we decided to not do the crankshaft sensor because the injectors are getting power, theres spark and we think we hear the new fuel pump turning on, but not sure and still not bro who teaches at linc tech said might be wiring/connection to the fuel help or ideas would be gr8 guys...

posted by  Rizzo420

Tried dropping a tablespoon of fuel into the plenum to see if it kicks?

posted by  Wally

well were gnna head back out there today and re drop the tank again, and check all the wires and hoses maybe we gotta wiggle sumthin, cause fuel pump is not gettin power.. and everything else is working, theres spark, injectors r good, coil/manifold good.crankshaft sensor good, (thts why we decided not to change it yest cause it wouldve been waste of time).. so if this doesnt work then just gnna have to have it towed in cause were at a loss now...

posted by  Rizzo420

yea the penlum is all good.. it has spark and compression, injectors all good... just no pwer to new fuel pump, so were ogin to get an electrical test light right now to see maybe the sending unit or the wiring or wht....if guys have ne ideas pls share..

posted by  Rizzo420

Here the things I'd check first:

FP relay
and connections

Some cars have a fuel pump test wire that allows you to by pass all fuses, relays and computers, it sends power directly to the pump.

posted by  corbett_auto

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