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i noticed i have some marks (i think they're scratches) on my car and would like to remove them if it won't be too expensive for me. any recommendations on cheap ways to do that?
I attached pictures.

posted by  dayexday

Do they feel like scratches? lookin at the pics they look like paint scuffs to me IMO. If it is, they usually come out when you give it a good scrub when you give the car a bath. I don't know maybe there are other ways.

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

Look like scuffs to me too. You probably won't be able to just wash them off. A claybar should do the trick. Some autoparts stores carry them (a kit with the spray and a bar is about $10-$20) or you may need to go online.

posted by  giant016

I agree looks like scuffs. Like when you walk on a basketball court with with dress shoes. I'd use some light abrasive wax usually called cleaner wax.

posted by  corbett_auto

thanks guys. they didn't feel like scratches, but i wasn't sure what else they could be. (i'm not knowledgeable about stuff). i really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

i took it to a car wash and they're still there after.
so i should buy cleaner wax and try that first?

posted by  dayexday

Go with this or if you want to use a little elbow grease, use your car washing mitt with some car wash cleaner/soap or a mild dish soap and give it a whirl. It may simply be some roadtar that got spit up by the tires. I get that a lot and it comes right off with a slight bit of rubbing during a normal handwash.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Is this wax stronger than a clay bar?

posted by  giant016

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