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ok i'm doing this for my dad cause he is going crazy with nerves about his car here goes...he owns a ford taurus, SE, 3.0L,V6, i think its a 1998 model with a duratec 24v he is wondering why the ldel when he starts the car it (only sometimes) " it starts low, goes up then slows down." as he says ...but me knowing nothing about cars i have no idea what he is talk about...he says that he already spent money on..." tps sensor, and something to do with the throttle body(cleaning), and he replaced the idel speed motor," and from what he says its still the same as b4! it would be a great if someone could tell if something is wrong and maybe i could shut the old man up ....thanks :screwy:

posted by  cardumie

so there is variation in the idel speed? does it stall? is there anything else that you know of thats playing up, any electrical anoyances, like some times the indicators wont work or there iregualr?

posted by  cinqyg

My moms car does that. I've never done any trouble shooting as to what causes it because I don't see it as a problem at all.

First step on an electronically managed engine system is to check trouble codes if possible. Always. So do that and get back with us. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

he got the codes was the first thing he did but he mentioned some thing about a 1780 solonoid of yet the car hasn't stalled. for some reason this idel problem never acts up when in the hands of a mechanic. the mechanic gave him 2 bottels of gas line antifreeze to put in the gas tank least thats what he told me... and oh he says that the radio keps on changeing by its self he ...keeps on nagging me :cussing:

posted by  cardumie

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