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hey yah i need your help as my car is not working correctly and heres the problems my car doesn't upshift like how it suppose to it just stays in first gear(if on D) and slowly climbs the rpm(doesn't shift) and slowly building up speed mph but your able to shift it if you were to do it manually(1 to 2 doesn't feel like it even shift when on d) any how i took it to a transmission specialist and he said i don't have 3rd or 4th gear so i was like ok and now i been waiting for a automatic transmission for sale online and found one bought it and took it to my mechanic to have him install it and he test drove it after it was done and he said it feels like it have more power(i guess it grabs more?) into the tranny but it still isn't upshifting like how automatics is suppose too it still just climbs in the rpm(doesn't shift) and slowly building up speed on the mph without shifting itself he told me it could be the rectangle plastic piece on the TB were it suppose to send information to the ecu telling it to shift?iuono so he told me to leave it here i told him if he's able to figure out the problems before 11am because it my dd and i need it for work soo yea now it at his shop and hoping he able to figure why it not shifting before then im asking for help on this forum

posted by  khmer1

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