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hey guys i changed my front pads just over a year ago with no issues, also had an alignment done before christmas, guy said it was good and that i just needed new tires to make her go straight.

my problem is that the car is pulling to the left, it seemed to get worse the last time i drove it, also the DR side tire is wearing away alot quicker than the PS.

i put it on stands, took the tires off to do an inspection.
we put it in drive and let off the brake, the DR side would spin freely (with the tiniest wobble from the caliper) and the PS side would not, i tried spinning it with my hand and it was kinda tough but it still moved, it would only move on its own when more gas is given.

it also seems that the pads do not release off of the caliper completely, from my understanding this is not how it is supposed to operate.

the stabilizer bar might be a little bent on the drivers side but a only a fraction of an inch.

i will be taking it apart and checking again soon, from my experience its usually a seized piston or a rusty caliper, the caliper didnt seem to rusty and i have no problems braking whatsoever.

Does anybody have ideas or been through this before?

posted by  cowman85

ok well i took of the calipers and now the right side is spinning freely, but our braking doesnt seem to be as good and the right side sounds like something is catching somewhere, i used lots of brake cleaner though so it should be clean.
the calipers wobbled just a little bit, would that be enough to cause this problem??

posted by  cowman85

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