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Ok I've got a 95 Tbird, 4.6 V8, with automatic transmission. I have it running straight pipes and sporting a nice automatic shifter kit, not to mention some classy silver stripes. The car hit a puddle and died so insurance forked out the doe to put less than 10K miles rebuilt engine. A year before that the transmission was rebuilt, which means most of this car is like NEW! This summer I have all my bills payed and am looking forward to unleashing some major alterations to the car.
However I have one haunting problem!
Every so often when I'm clipping along at over 50mph the car's rpms jump about 1000 and looses power. For about 3 heart wrenching seconds you here the car growle and you can hit the accelerator but all you do is fluxuate the RPM's without getting any power. Then 3 seconds later my car goes back to normal and I swear I can hear it laughing at me :laughing: . It did this before the new engine was dropped in it and I just had the transmission checked. The people say the transmission is in great condition. So I'm at a loss any ideas? :banghead:

posted by  Matt_Rohland

ecu or diff

posted by  cinqyg

I read up a little on both of those and it could be one of those. I've already spent a lot of money trying to locate this problem, and am avoiding mechanics till absolutely neccessary. Is there any checks I can do?
This car has to make a trip to PA for me in a little while after which I can give a mechanic time to check into it.
So until then is there anyway I can test either possibility? Also wouldn't the ecm cause the check engine light to go off?

posted by  Matt_Rohland

Not sure but check the power of the battery. Could be low. I don't know why it would happen then go back to normal, but it could be a cause.

posted by  Satty101

The battery has been changed but didn't affect the problem one way or the other.

posted by  Matt_Rohland

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