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I have a problem that seems to be getting worse.
I have a 2002 jeep wrangler odometer read 132000 miles two years ago i put a used engine in it with 20000 miles on it. It is a 5 speed manual. 4.0 engine. It was a simple swap. Up until recently the jeep ran great no issues. About two months ago when I put hit a bump in the road the jeep would feel like I pressed in the clutch when I didn't. It would feel like a hesitation, almost as if it was jumping out of gear. Seems to happen when the jeep is warmed up. Now just this week the jeep would do the same thing without hitting a bump at random times. I would be goin down the road and it feels like it jumps out of gear but for only a second. When it's not doing that it runs great no problems. I live on a dirt road and it is always bumpy so it feels like its happining more and more. I dont think it's and engine problem, but I'm not sure. I'm thinkin more of a trans issue. Not real experienced with manual trans., except for driving them.
On a flip note. Any time when I had the trans fluid replaced, I would have the oil change place do it. Mainly because I don't have the tool to do it. Does any one know the ex-large hex tool I'm talking about, the one you need to drain and add fluid to the a manual trans for on a 2002 jeep wrangler? If you do where would I get one? No one at the auto parts places seem to know what I'm talking about. and know it's not just a 1/2 rachet size, its larger. That I do know.
Thanks for any advise and suggestions. Be safe.

posted by  MrClean

so let me clarify... you are describing it as the clutch going in for lack of a better description im assuming.... its more of a hesitation in the engine right? it only does it when driving? never while idling? how bout when giving a sharp shot of gas when idling? ever have a hard time starting or hesitation in starting the jeep?

dirt roads too eh... first thought is... have you ever changed your fuel filter? a bump could have loosened up debris in your tank and maybe have clogged an already dirty filter.

just a suggestion. answer some of the above questions and we'll take it from there.


posted by  PotGod

I knew this was goin to be tough to discribe.
It's not a hesitation fron the engine but a hestitation as if it has popped out of gear. I didn't think that was possible to with a stick. The clutch doesn't move and the stick stay in gear. now this gets even more weird. I drove it all day yesterday and not one problem.
It does seem to be happining more just very inconsistantly.
When I idol the engine sound fine when I rev up the engine no problems. when I'm goin down a smooth road most of the time no problems. Mainly when I hit a bump in the road is when I get the hesitaiton.

I've not changed the fuel filter. It's never had a hard time starting.

I'm goin to get the fluid changed tomorrow. We'll see if that makes any difference.

posted by  MrClean

Sounds like it could be a linkage problem. Maybe the bump IS actually poping it out of gear.

posted by  corbett_auto

Possible a linkage problem. but how would I know for sure. Is something like that possible if the stick stay put? Are where ways to test manuals w/o taking the whole thing apart. If I knew for sure I could figure out a way to fix it. I don't have the money or time to let it sit in a shop.

posted by  MrClean

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