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Hi... My boyfriend just changed the oil on my friends 2004 Toyota Corrola, After... a little while later when she was getting ready to leave the car wouldn't go forward or reverse, so we checked the transmission fluid and it was really low. We added the ATF and it was working fine, but then when we went to drive it to make sure everything was o.k. a huge amount of white smoke (which also smelled bad) was coming out of the exhaust and I think there was oil in the exhaust. All of this happened after a basic oil change?! She doesn't take very good care of her car... like not changing the oil when she should and she doesn't take it in for basic maintenance. We were thinking maybe a blown head gasket?

posted by  AimeeM

The dipstick is reading super full even when the oil is drained out...

posted by  AimeeM

Are you sure that you drained the engine oil and not the trans. Some cars have a drain plug for both.

posted by  corbett_auto

yes very sure

posted by  AimeeM

How much oil came out whe you drained it?

How over full is the engine oil?

Have you tried to drain the oil again?

How much ATF did you have to add?

you can cause a lot of damage by running the engine with too much oil!

posted by  corbett_auto

im thinking your boyfriend was just little careless and spilled oil all over the exhaust when taking the filter off.... i know how messy that can get... and can also result in the smoking you described if he didn't at least wipe it down. Are you certain it was coming out the exhaust?

are you certain you added your ATF to the right reservoir and not into the engine oil?

A blown head gasket is usually pretty easy to diagnose... check the engine oil and see if its runny or greenish or orangish (color depends on the coolant used) in color... u can usaully smell the sweetness of coolant on the dipstick

posted by  PotGod

did you read the 2 posts at the top? the second one said the dipstick was reading really full. chances are he drained the wrong fluid and didnt want to look like a ram rod. nice try though:banghead:

posted by  glagon1979

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