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I have a 1990 Chevy Lumina 4d sedan, 6 cyl., mult-port fuel injection, automatic, with 128584 miles on it. The problem: The engine will turn but not start.

History: 3 months ago, all spark plugs and wires were replaced as part of regular maintenance. The car ran as it should. Now the engine only cranks but will not turn over. I've checked the fuel pump and it seems to be working ( I can hear it start priming the system when I turn the key to start the car). I can smell gasoline in the cylinders. I've checked all the spark plug gaps and they are to spec. The wires are new and not corroded or broken. The engine is getting compression when it cranks (confirmed by my neighbor's son-in-law, who is a mechanic and happened to be visiting and tried to help me out). I replaced a 12 volt relay, (on the advice of that same mechanic) but that had no effect. I've checked and double-checked the fuses and none are blown. I replaced the battery (it was due to be replaced in 3 months anyway). All the fluid levels are full. I jumped the A and B terminals on the diagnostic terminal {nomenclature?} and the check engine light flashed 12 repeatedly, but reported no other engine trouble codes (according to the repair manual, 12 means the onboard computer is in diagnostic mode. After flashing 12 three times, it should flash another trouble code if there is a problem). Finally, I've replaced the air filter and checked the hoses for leaks, with no problems visible.

Question: What am I missing?

Thank you

I forgot to add that the car is fuel injected. I"ve added it to the description above

posted by  DanielBaca

you did not mention whether or not you checked for a spark on the plugs.

although you smell gas in the cylinder, it may not be be getting enough. A new fuel filter is a suggestion. i was in a similar situation... my car would not start.... checked for compression, spark, fuel pump... all was good.... picked up a fuel filter just to see... and problem solved.

posted by  PotGod

OK, I'll check the fuel filter. I remember getting sparks on the plugs, but I"ll go over that again just to make sure.

Thanks and I'll let you know if it worked.


posted by  DanielBaca

yeah i would check all the coils for spark with one of those lights you just plug into the wire and clip to ground, otherwise with a voltage meter

posted by  51chevrolet

for sure let us know. you should be able to tell how clogged the filter is by just removing it and trying to blow a little air through it.... mine was clogged solid. a new filter has pretty much no restriction to the flow.

posted by  PotGod

these cars are notorious for the ignition module to go bad. as suggested by other less experienced members check the spark. if you have no spark chances are thats your problem

posted by  glagon1979

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