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so my car needs a fuel filler neck, and noone has them no matter where i go.

does anyone know of any sites that might have one?

95 base 3000gt

posted by  thrasher

start by telling us where you have gone in search of one. have you tried junk yards? most yards won't waste the time on one but its worth a shot. there is also if you can't find one on there try looking up a gas tank and start calling people who have them and see if they still have the filler neck. are they really that expensive new????

posted by  glagon1979

ive been to,, jcwhitney, partstrain, and, and my mechanic.
the only place my mechanic was able to find one was the dealer and they want $70 for it.

is that actually a good price?

posted by  thrasher

really not that bad. i was going to say that if you can get one new for less than $100, do it

posted by  glagon1979


posted by  newyorker

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