How is engine idle rpm increased with AC on?

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How is engine rpm idle increased when the air conditioner is switched on, on a carb engine?

It doesn't seem to be working on my car, when the ac is switched on the engine is just about to stall until i press the gas pedal slightly.

Did not always behave this way...Noticing it this summer.

Can you please tell me whats up with it? :(

posted by  StarryKnight

usually it works your engine to have the air on because it runs off of your crankshaft, but thats about the extent of what i know

posted by  thrasher

did you check your vacuum lines?

posted by  cowman85

Because Air Con runs off the engine, when you switch it on, power is drained from the (albeit on a small scale). Could be that your battery's not working as well as it once did?

posted by  Cliffy

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