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I'm working on an 03 Grand Am and what is happening is the ticking you hear from the turn signals never stops. It's not the consistent sound of the turn signal but a very erratic tick tick tick. I've changed the fuse but it has not gone away. When the fuse is out it does not make any sounds anymore (obviously), I guess my question is what is there that I can check to fix this.

posted by  99integra

By fuse, do you mean relay? What it sounds to me. You have a malfunctioning relay. Did you look at your lamps are they blinking rapidly also. If it is, definitly a malfunctioning relay.

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

The lamps blink at normal speed and it was the little red 10a fuse that I changed.

posted by  99integra changed out the fuse but its still ticking erraticly as you said...lamps working normally hhmmm... I'm sorry...relay keeps racing around my head bro. come to think of it, I think I remember reading about this in another forum on a 2g dsm. I'm not sure but I think his car was doing the same thing as yours. Its funny how he fixed his. When he pulled the relay out it slipped out of his hand and hit the garage floor. so If i can remember he put it back in for the sake of not loosing the relay and then the relay stopped ticking erraticly and everthing was smooth sailing from there.
I wouldn't recomend doing that unless you go out and buy a new relay then drop the old one on the ground. If it works, good just return the new relay or keep it for the sake of having it. :laughing:come to think of it I have a big Mitsubishi box full of them. I'm thinking of selling some of them.

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

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