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is the only way i can describe it...when the tach gets above 3k the car starts kicking...any ideas? im think the fuel filter or injectors

posted by  thrasher

does it do when your stopped at a light? is it missing power?

posted by  cowman85

only when the car is starts to kick, then it will just be like im not pressing the gass at all, then starts to kick again.
but no loss of power that ive noticed when its not kicking

posted by  thrasher

Few more questions.

engine/transmission? (Auto or manual is fine. Don't need to get technical like 4t60e etc etc.)

That would help us aid you a little better rather than throwing wild guesses out there.

posted by  Satty101

1995 base model mitsubishi 3000gt v6 3.0l
5 speed manual fwd
and it has about 82000 miles
and its completely stock

posted by  thrasher

when is the last time you have checked your spark plug condition and gap?

posted by  cowman85

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