1994 Ford Ranger 3.0L... Plug wiring diagram? distributor? missing.

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Hey guys. New here so how goes it?

Does anyone have the spark plug wiring diagram for a 1994 ranger 3.0L V6 or know how to get a hold of it without buying a service manual? I'm having some trouble with missing and loss of power and I might have messed up the correct wiring.

Also, I know not to over tighten to dist. cap, but they only say that so you don't break the plastic right? or will it not actually work correctly if over tightened?

Anyway, trying to finish up the wires to see if that fixes the problem completely (old wires were pretty bad due to laying on the valve covers)... If not I have to deal with the distributor.

Any advice/info will help. Thanks.

Edit: Found a nice diagram. Will check wiring and update. Hopefully this fixes it, but if not, I'll be back. :P

Update: I know for a fact the spark plug wiring is right now, with brand new wires. Now it starts, revs up a little like normal, then when comes back down it bogs down to way low RPMs and eventually dies. I had the distributor cap off at one point but I did not mess with the rotor or anything involving timing. Like I said, any advice/info greatly accepted.

posted by  1995andyZ28

OK, since I'm getting so much valuable advice, let me narrow it down for ya.

I might have moved the distributor a little bit. I can start the truck and keep it running with gas, and it sounds normal in the upper RPMs, it just idles too low and crappy. Pretty sure this just means I messed up the timing by accidentally moving the distributor. Right?

posted by  1995andyZ28

could be, have you checked the timing?

posted by  cowman85

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