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so the other day i had some one ask me why you dont put a different type of oil in your car(eg. putting 10w30 in a car that says 5w30)...and i couldnt come up with an answer other than "you just dont".lol.

but can anyone answer this because now it has my curiosity up, and whats the difference between the types?


posted by  thrasher

i believe it has to do with the viscosity properties of the oil, the engine is designed for certain flow properties of that specific oil, thats my understanding of it.
Check up on wikipedia or google for a more definitive answer

posted by  cowman85

I don't know this entirely as fact, but this is how I understand it. If you use oil of higher viscosity than recommended, it can increase the strain on the oil pump, and the oil may not flow through the engine as intended, and may not keep all the parts properly lubricated. Oil of lower viscosity may leak past rings and such, may not provide sufficient protection, and may break down faster. Again, not for sure, that is just my understanding of it.

posted by  dvdrose18

well that sounds like it should be right.

thanks for your help

posted by  thrasher

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