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i have a 1995 base mitsubishi 3000gt
5 speed transmission
and about 81000 miles

now heres my problem

when i step on the gas it (i guess you could say surges)
its like im pulsing the gas pedal...i get about 1 second where you can tell im on the gas, and then 5 seconds of it feeling like im coasting in neutral...and it just repeats.

ive put in a new fuel filter, a new line from the filter to the rail, new spark plugs, and new spark plug the weird thing is my wires are still arching, so i dont know if i just got bad wires, or if maybe there is an underlying cause for that.

but i would really apretiate some help.

please and thankyou

posted by  thrasher

So you wires were arching before you did all of this? Did this problem happen all at once or over time?

Where are the wire arching?

Does it do it at idle too or just under load?

Have you checked the fuel pressure while it is running? Does it stay constant or pulse with the engine?

posted by  corbett_auto

it started out as just something small and then got progressively worse to the point that i cant drive it anymore.

it misfires at idle, but its not something you can tell unless you actually know something about cars, but it gets bad when you rev the engine whether its in neutral and standing still, or if your trying to drive.

i changed the wires again, and now there only arcing at places where there touching another wire or metal...i dont know if that means i need new wires again or if its something that can be helped by putting a plastic coat over them.

posted by  thrasher

Spark plug wires should not arch at all. It sounds like you need a better grade of wires.

posted by  corbett_auto

i would buy a wire tester, you can get these cheap little ones at walmart and you just scan the length of the wire while your car is running and it will tell you by a flashing red light if the wire is firing right etc.

posted by  cowman85

well i discovered that the coils are arcing from coil to coil.
im pretty sure thats bad, and it has me thinking that i need new coils.

if the coil is bad can that (in a sense) fry my wire the instant i put them in, or start the car. making them arc and causing me to have to buy new wires for what is like the 3rd time.

im suppose to take the car to my mechanic tomorrow, but would still like to know what you think.

and if you would like ill keep you posted with whats going on with it

posted by  thrasher

It still sounds like you have installed a really cheap set of wires. Have you added anything to increase the spark? MSD box, etc.....

posted by  corbett_auto

well i guess we found the problem to be bad wires and a cracked coil.
so i got both from the dealer and they should be here on wednsday.

ill let you know how it turns out

posted by  thrasher

got the wires and the new coils in.

good news - there not arcing anymore
bad news - my car still runs like shit

so i guess now im thinking either the fuel pump, or MAYBE a clogged cat

posted by  thrasher

well if anyone still reads this...was a clogged cat

thanks for the help

posted by  thrasher

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