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I want to make a conversion of a rhd Mitsubishi fto to lhd. Yes, I know your reactions: It will be expensive ...dont do rather a new lhd car...But I'll do it.

I know that I need to buy a new steering rack(or turn it 180' the old one), , make new wiring, change postions of the pedals, change position of some parts in the car, make a new firewall...
But the main problem is the dash...Do I need to make it on my own? Can I make some adjustments with the current dash, it's simmetric the left side and the right side... Can I find a dash who is very similar(or the same) as the dash of the fto from anoter mitsubishi model? maybe a 3000gt or eclipse?

I have a very good team in plan for doing that conversion, an expert mecchanic who has done some conversion of other cars in past, an excellent electrician and my uncle is a expert in welding.

It's very interesting that I didn't find any information on the internet regarding the conversion of the fto...It's there some problem in the fto that doesn't allow doing the conversion?
That's the part of the informations I had collected from various forums on the topic : RHD to LHD conversion.

posted by  jan.sincic

Sounds like you answered most of your own questions.... do you already have the car? Do you plan to drive it in the US? Have you checked to see if it passes all of the US DOT regulations.

I'm not gonna try and talk you out of the idea, but you may want to check in on everything before you spend too much money.

As for the dash I would either build something custom using the original dash in the car. Also it would be helpful to know the platform it is built on and what US model is similar.

Some of the other problems I see are moving the master cylinder. You may have to cut out the section of the firewall where it mounts and weld it in on the other side of the car.

Good luck and hope we can help.

posted by  corbett_auto

I can't offer any help in this, but mind if I ask why you're doing this?

posted by  chris_knows

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