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I bought a 99 grand am gt last month got a really good deal on it because it had driver side front end damage. The damage wasen't to bad on cosmetically. The hood , LF fender, bumper, headlight,and I replaced the strut assembly, tie rod ends, cv axel. My problem is when I went to put it back together with the parts I got the hood is an inch off to the drivers side. To the eye it didn't look like there was any bent sheet metal around where the fender and radiator are. Please look at my pictures and see what you think. Is there a way to adjust the hood that I just don't know or is the radiator support or uni frame what ever you want to call it seem bent? If so is there a way I can fix it myself? I'm not looking to make it look new I just want the body panels to fit. I paid $ 400 for the car its a one owner car it has 101,000 miles and it has all the maintenance records it was kept in good shape. I have about $ 300 in body parts and $200 in drive train parts. Was it a good deal? Here are a few pics of the car before I bought it with the damage and then some of what the body panel look like after I put them on. If anyone can help please let me know. If you think there is some uni frame /radiator support damage is it something I might be able to some what fix myself? I do have a 10 ton porta power kit.

posted by  nwachter07

Hell yeah that was a good deal. As for your problem I cannot help. :ohcrap:

posted by  99integra

Are these pictures taken after the repair? From your description it sounds like the front inner structure has been pushed out of position. It is kind of hard to explain, but what you need to do is look over the damage and try to imagine the exact angle it was hit. Then pull it back out at the same angle. Which is usually best done on a frame machine, but with enough ingenuity it can be done with the Port-a-power.

posted by  corbett_auto

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