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As I come to a stop, the idle/rpms bottom out and the car stalls. It'll start right back up. I've givin it a tune up recently....new wires, plugs, pcv, cap and rotor.... Since this problem stated, the fuel filter has also been replaced and the IACV. I am stumped at this point as the problem still occurs. Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  mjbiv

During the repairs a vacuum line could have been damaged or come loose. Check for vacuum leaks.

How long has this been going on?

posted by  corbett_auto

It has been going on for a few weeks and basically rendered the car undriveable. It's my wife's car so she can't handle it when it stalls---just not safe. I can handle it, because I can slap it up to neutral, restart and go. It still sux though.

As far a vacuum lines go, how many are there? Should I get a manual? I am pretty good with cars, but vacuum lines I've never really dealt with.

It has definitely improved with the new IACV and not stalling nearly as much, but the rpms are still oh so low when stopping.

I appreciate your help. I don't want to take it anywhere because by the time they diagnosis and go over everything I have already went over, the labor bill might be huge before a broken part is even found.

Thanks for such a quick reply!

posted by  mjbiv

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