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:screwy: Man O man need help I have a 1998 R/T Neon with the 2.0L 16 valve engine. To make the it a short story I ended up blowing the head on this motor. My question is can I swap it for a 2001 Highland Sedan model with the 2.0L 16 valve engine. Everything seems to have changed if I'm not mistaken in 1999 talking about engine wise manifolds, different motor mounts sitting in different places and just the way the engine sits in the car. Can this swap be possible. Basically I have a 1998 complete car and a 2001 complete car which engine and tranny work great was just wrecked from the rear end. So I can swap stuff left and right just don't know if it can be done, if so what do I need to swap. So if any one can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks

posted by  Jorge_rodrz1

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