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I have Chevy Malibu 2002 model. The car battery is getting drained overnight. I have shown to mechanic but he could not fix the problem. I had already spent 600$ but the issue is still not fixed. He has replaced with new battery, the hood switch as well as ignition switch but still battery is getting discharged.

I am thinking of using Battery Brain. Any suggestions are welcome.

posted by  amolg

First find a new mechanic. If he just randomly replaces parts to the tune of $600 and can not find a battery drain he does not know what he is doing. This is a very simple thing to find.

Take a test light, disconnect the negative battery cable, clip the test light to the cable and touch the probe to the negative battery terminal. If there is a draw on the battery then the light will be on. Now simple unplug one fuse at the time until you find the circuit that has the drain. Then unplug each component one at the time in that circuit....... this is how you find a drain. And you then only have to replace one part.

posted by  corbett_auto

Thanks everyone...

I figured out the problem on my own but I need solution. The problem is,
When I drive the car, come to the parking area, switch to the parking/any gear and try to switch off the car, the key does not turn completely to "off" state. It get stuck to ACC. But when I remove the "Body Function Control Module/Instrument Panel Cluster" fuse from "Instrument Panel Fuse Block - Driver's side", then the key turn to "off" state and then all lights are off(when the key is in ACC, speedometer light continuously glow on).

Again when I start the car and switch off the car, it goes to "off" state but when I change the gear or drive the car, again the key get stuck to ACC. Everytime I have to do this activity(removing fuse and switching off the car and then reinserting the fuse) for the battery to not get drained. mechanic has already replaced the key ignition switch and the key.

Request all of your help in fixing this problem.

Thanks in advance...



posted by  amolg

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