92 Astro wont start

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posted by  angieboo

Um...welcome, I guess :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

...? er... Welcome. Do you have a bit more of an intro?

posted by  Bubba

i have a 1992 gmc astro van will not stay running we have to start it with starting fluid runs for a few then bogs out we have replaced fuel pump filter cut off cat. replaced distribor cap rotor spark plugs and nothing. brought it in to have it hooked up to the computer the codes it gives us for bad censers we have had them tested they are good (throddle, map censers)we are all stumped and dont no what to do ,the gas gets up to the manufold and then we dont no what happends next after all that work it now refuses to even start with starting fluid oh yeah we even replaced the coil is there any hope :doh:

posted by  angieboo


Two questions -

do you remember exactly what the trouble codes are?

Is the ignition system delevering a spark?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

How bout trying the little ol distributor coil pickup/ 5-10 bucks :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

This problem reminds me of something wrong with a volvo once trying to help a lady who had broke down.

The reason is, the ladies volvo would start with starting fluid, like you said yours does, and runs for a second.

And, we tested for fuel, and fuel was defitely getting to the spark plugs. There was spark. I told her that but someone convinced her to buy a new coil anyway.... just like your story.....

So far its the same. Except for the trouble codes. ?????

This problem Im describing with the volvo, it escaped the trouble shooting guide we were looking at. The lady ended up giving the volvo to someone, and months later that person fixed it by replacing the fuel pump. Im pretty sure he had a few problems as well until he got there because it was a difficult job to replace the in tank fuel pump and im sure he did that last.

You see, even though the fuel pump was working, it was working just a little too slow and the pressure never stayed high enough to function and keep the car running. To test this you need a fuel pressure gauge.

In some cars ( not likely yours) there is a secondary injector pump ( again this is not yours lol its like a mercedes or bmw, or a diesel) that can cause this sort of problem.

SO anyhow try that and come back to me is about all I could say. Another thing to try that you didnt relate is to set the timing. Timing would cause a misfire and stall.

However by your description " that it runs fine for a few seconds with starting fluid" means it is a problem in the fuel system and not the spark. So if that is true, and you only replaced some sort of filter to the fuel pump.... ok, test the whole feul lines and replace the pump is whats coming up next I must say.

posted by  stamar

Her Astro has one pump in the fuel tank. It should produce 35-45 psig key on, engine off, 30 - 40 psig key on engine running, 35-45 psig key on, engine running, vacume hose disconnected from the regulator.

There should be a schraeder valve somewhere on the fuel rail to connect the gage.

Cutting off cat will not help fuel pump but can cause you to be unable to sell the car, not be able to get tags for the car (many places test emmissions before allowing you to re-register the cat) or get you fined or jailed since it is illegal in the United States to remove or disable the car's emmission control systems

posted by  tbaxleyjr

yeah the codes were 28 and 34

posted by  angieboo

Just a question, are you sure the codes relate to this problem? is it possible they were old codes that didnt get erased?

posted by  Halz5

If your Astro has a 4L60E or 4L80E tranny code 28 is indicating the ECM is detecting improper combinations of tranny fluid pressure switch combinations inside the tranny. On some GM's, can also indicate some issues within the ECM

Code 34 is low or no voltage from the MAP sensor which would give a false indication of excessive manifold vacume

I would begin by @ testing the fuel pump and regulator to eliminate it as a cause, check the wiring and replace my MAP sensor (if you already havent done it)

then I would clear my trouble codes and see what happens. If the problem continues we need to further look into code 28

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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