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I have a 92 Toyota Corolla DX, 1.6Ltr transaxle with 3 speed automatic transmission.
There is an intermittent problem with the transmission that does not happen all the time. It usually happens at about 45MPH going up a slight hill or a steeper hill it shifts from 3rd to 2nd as it should, but instead of going into 2nd the transmission slips and transmits no power as if it was in neutral. When this happens the only thing I can do is slow down an manually shift to 1st, then the only gear that works is 1st, if I manually shift to 2nd or drive it just slips like it's in neutral. If I stop the car and put it in park then the transmission usually works properly again.

The transmission fluid looked good and was at the correct level.

I have had the car in the shop for transmission flush, but the problem remains.

Can anyone tell me what the problem is??

posted by  mycarr

I posted this 10 days ago, no reply.

posted by  mycarr

I'm not sure that anyone here is much of a transmission expert. From your description I'd say its time for a rebuild. You could try some of the transmission additives that stop slipping, but it would be a very temp fix at best. I suspect that the second gear band is bad. Under normal load it manages to perform, but under heavier load such as a hill it begins to slip. Once it begins to slip it continues to until you stop. Which gives it time to cool off. This is possibly why it works.

This is the best answer I got. Other wise find a good transmission shop and explain the problem. But expect a rebuild in your future.

posted by  corbett_auto

Fried clutch pack?

posted by  Wally

If second gear was bad, of fried clutch pack, or over heated, the transmission fluid would be burnt.
The transmission fluid is not burnt, it looks and smells fine.

posted by  mycarr

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