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Be kind my first time posting. I don't normally work on cars but I can learn quickly. Car has been sitting for over a year. I have recently changed spark plugs, and wires, oil change and changed the alternator, battery needs to be replaced. Going to test and listen to the injectors in the morning. Mileage 175K "rebuilt" at 168K. Lots of white smoke coming out of the exhaust potent smell. Gasoline in the oil and the rpms rev up to 2k for the first 5-10 minutes and then drops down to 500 and then up to 2k rapidly does not stop. If you try to drive the car it "bucks". Check engine light is on but no one in my town has an OBD1 connection so I have to try to do it with a ohmmeter. When we hooked it up it gave the code 15 which was "Idles speed control motor position sensor / Check item Harness connector, Idles Speed Control motor position sensor, and Throttle position sensor." Tested the TPS with the ohmmeter and the power supply reading was off the chart but the sensor output was at 6.0. Have not tested the other 2 yet. I do not want to take it into a shop and have it fixed as the "rebuild" at 168k was a rip off and I am scared to be ripped off again. I would like to get this car running and drivable for my son who is learning to drive. If you have any other ideas on what I should test or look for please give some advise. I have heard about a paper clip test but not sure what to do with the paper clip to test it. After changing the alternator (my first one too wow it was so easy) the engine sounds much better and smoother but the rpm's and the smoke are still there. Also there is a hard line (silver metal) on the left side (looking down) of the engine it has been severed unsure how. The A/C line appears to be on the other side of the vehicle so could it be the coolant line? I could take digital pictures of the severed hard line. If I missed anything please ask. Thank you in advance for your help.

posted by  rebecca1975

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Chilton's says they should be 13-16 ohms. I listened to them and they sound like they are clicking.

posted by  rebecca1975

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