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fortunately this hasn't happened to me ... yet. but I heard some people had problems with putting petrol into a diesel car and the damage cost them pretty much although I am really not aware of the consequences ...
can anyone shed more light on this matter?

posted by  sprocket

If you put Diesel in a Petrol car, the consequences aren't as severe as putting Petrol in a Diesel car. Mainly because diesel engines are less versatile than petrol engines. I'm not saying it's wise to run your petrol car on diesel fuel, because it wont run. But in my experience, it's easier to rectify miss-fuelling as far as diesel in a petrol goes. Best bet is that if you miss-fuel your car, don't under any circumstances start the engine, as this way a garage can simply drain the wrong fuel out and refuel it, and it should start okay, with just minimal smoke. If you run the engine (either petrol/diesel or vice-versa) then you stand a high chance of screwing you engine up. And that means lots of money! Unfortunately, most fuelling incidents are cases of people putting petrol in a diesel...Or at least used to be, when diesels started becoming more commonplace, and sounding more quiet like petrol engines.

posted by  Cliffy

hm....so it is like quite hazardous if this happens. :doh: It is much easyer for drivers with petrol cars, as their nozzles are narrower than diesel nozzles, so it is almost impossible to mix up, but diesel car drivers can easily make a mistake. :ohcrap:

posted by  sprocket

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