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I have a 2000 Audi A6 2.7 T. ( Quattro )

My Car's Turn signals don't blink. All the lights are okay. They do light up but they don't blink. When I turn left and give a left turn signal it lights up but remains stable , similar thing on the right.

Initially the turn signals started to blink very fast and after some time they started working fine. But now they have stopped blinking at all. They just remain continiously lit up.

However when I switch on the Hazard light all the side lights blink normally . Can you please suggest me something.

If the flahser is bad. Can You send me the instructions how to replace the flasher and where exactly is it located. How do I reach the falsher.

I can purchase a new flasher from the Audi Dealer shop.

Thank You very much for your help.

Suman Kumar

posted by  sumang24

I am pretty sure it is just a fuse or a relay. if you have a manual you can find out where the turn signal fuse or fuses are and check those

posted by  GR4VD1GRB1LL

i had the same problem and this forum helped me fix it. the problem for me was the turn signal fuse. its a cylender looking thing. on my cavalier it was inder my dash pretty hard to get to, but not impossible. do some browsing and find out where it is on your and your dealership should have that fuse. it cost me like $2

posted by  lil_jojo

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