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Hi All,

My first post. I have not experience with cars except that I can change my oil... I am a woman and dont want to get ripped off from any mechanics!

I have a 2000 Honda Accord, automatic, 4 cylinder. I just got new tires and lower ball joints replaced. Ever since the ball joints were replaced my car has been making this really loud humming noise, like it needs to be shifted to a higher gear right when i get it up to 40 mph. But that is not it, the rpm's go up and down, its shifting just fine. It makes the same noise when its in neutral on the freeway. So it cant be the engine... right?

Anyways, I'm guessing its a problem from the lower ball joints just being replaced. I took it back into him, he drove it and said he thinks its the barrings, it has nothing to do with the lower ball joints he did and this is just a coincidence. I left it with him and he is going to call me.

I have had work done here a couple times and he seems trustworthy but I cant help thinking he might be trying to screw me. Any advice? I have not even found out anything yet but do you think its a problem with the lower ball joints he replaced??

Thanks for any help!

posted by  jesspiombino

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