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Ok , so here is my situation, i bought the hid kit with the ballast and it didnt work well so i am returning it, anyways i was wondering , is there bulbs out there that you can get that are just hid bulbs without the ballast? or will that damage your wiring in the car because there is no ballast part? or how does this work? i would like just the hid bulbs

posted by  h3llfir3

There are bulbs that imitate proper HID kits, but I've yet to find a true contender!

posted by  Cliffy

The bulbs need 23000v to startup it at the begining,later will be 70V-110V...and the voltage the car can provide is only 12V, so they need a conversion to change the voltage and provide power to the bulbs, that is ballast, the ballast can change the voltage upto hundreds volatge immediately(and offer 35W or 55 power to the bulb), so if there are no ballast the bulbs cannot work.

posted by  sakula04

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