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What is the best security package to get for a car? i heard about viper and clifford and some others, tell me the names of some good ones, and also can someone please explain to me what the number of channels in a car security does? (eg. i heard some systems have 2 channels and some 4 ,etc.. what does this mean?)

posted by  h3llfir3

the number of channels refer to how many things it can control. Such as: power windows, power locks, door solenoids, air bags, etc...... If it were a 4 channel it would have 4 buttons you could program #1 to work the driver window, #2 the passenger window, #3 to lock the doors, and #4 to unlock the doors.... As far as good name brands go, it is about like anything else you get what you pay for.

posted by  corbett_auto

When security systems came out for cars they were so expensive only the rich could afford them. Now anyone can own one. Companies are making them reliable but cheaper so everyone has the security.

Buying a security system for your car you want to look for three main things. Price, Lifetime Warranty, and buying direct. You want to get a good, reliable one that will not drain your checkbook. You want to make sure that anytime something goes wrong with it you will either get a replacement or they will fix it for you free of charge. Then the final one, buying direct. Buying direct means a huge savings for you.

You can get alarms that go off as soon as someone tries getting into it. You can get ones where the lights and horn flash and go off. You can even get ones now that call the police for you and send you an email or text message! Now that’s high tech. These little addon will be extra so watch the extras and see if you really want or need them. Then go from there with your decision. Expensive doesn’t always mean reliable.

posted by  davies


Are the best alarm in that order, you also need to find a good shop to do the installation

posted by  supra92

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