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Hello, Im just doing a lot of work on cars with sanding and spray painting. I need a good breathing system and eye protection system that will keep me safe :) What are some excellent breathing protection systems out there that protect against fine particles from spray paint , sanding metal and paint, and anything else to do with sanding and painting, it should also protect against fumes from paint, etc. That is one thing i need, i also need something that gives good eye protection from spray painting and sanding metal and paint, etc.. I do not want people to tell me to buy, the simple breathing protector because I paint very frequently and I need something heavier duty. :) thanks, and I would appreciate people to list some items that are good and also a link to a website with it from a company i can get it from , or even just tell me where i can find it. :) thanks

posted by  h3llfir3

there are a lot of good systems out there that would fill your needs... but, the final choice is personal preference. Just do a Google search for air supplied respirators. Some of them hook up to the air hose you are using and filter the air as it comes through. Others use a designated compressor. And still again there are a few that are just filters.... What kind of budget did you have in mind? $30-$50, $100-$200, $500-$1000. Figure out your budget and go from there.

I'll give you some advise on what we use in the shop everyday. For general sanding and grinding a quality dust mask with safety glasses (or face shield if grinding) is fine, because all you need to do just fine. You only need a respirator for spraying paint/primer. And for that we use either the 3M disposable paint mask or an air supplied respirator that hooks in to the same hose that the spray gun uses. It comes with a hood with a very large window.

Hope this helps.

posted by  corbett_auto

Here I'm sharing With You the Tips that How to get Protect From spary Painting:
Before commencing the work, it's essential to read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the chemical that is being used. One should make sure that he wears the necessary safety equipments such as gloves, respirator, safety glasses etc. to protect himself from the potential threat of the toxic chemicals. The spray booth, an area used for spray painting, which is blocked by barriers to prevent dust or dirt from entering it, should be properly maintained. The spray painting equipments used, such as filters and over spray, should be regularly cleaned.

Safety masks used for spray painting are broadly categorized into two types. The mask meant to stop dust from entering the lungs can be used when sanding the rusted areas, while the ones meant for fumes can be used while painting. If the area wherein you are painting is well ventilated, then you might not require the mask meant for fumes, but it's better to have one, after all it's not wise to take chances with your health. If possible, you should use a respirator, a protective mask with a filter, while spray painting.

One should take care that the inflammable substances are kept away from sources of fire. Smoking while painting, is strictly prohibited. Only tested and certified tools should be used for spray painting. The equipments, especially air powered tools, make lot of noise. In such circumstances it's wise to use protective gear for the ears. Other than noise, grinding and sanding equipments, used in spray painting, also produce fine dust particles which may enter your eyes or lungs. Wearing safety glasses can protect your eyes from these foreign particles.

posted by  davies

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