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I own a pontiac aztek AWD with 102,000 miles on it. A week ago I was driving at a very low rate of speed through a parking lot and the engine just stopped. It didn't stall out it cut-out. The battery light came on and the steering column locked up. I was able to restart it in neutral and I immediately drove it to the pontiac dealer down the road. This was their diagnosis: scan tested has no dtcs inspected throttle body found air filter had been wet and was sucked into mass air flow sensor, replaced air filter cleaned mass air flow sensor and suggest throttle body and fuel injection cleaning. They also recommended that the fuel filter be replaced as scheduled maintenance. They said I must have driven through a puddle or something. The things is it had been hot and dry here, I didn't drive it at all the day before but it just sat in my carport and when this happened I had driven less than a mile no more than 30 mph and there were no puddles at all. The same thing happened a month ago along and was at the same dealer who replaced a fuse a wire that was shorting out which we originally suspected was a problem with the BCM. Apparently, they did not address all of the problems we took it there for since it happened again. I did not replace the fuel filter because they wanted an extra $100 on top of the $190 I was already looking at. The previous bill a month ago was $216. If they would have diagnosed this problem last month I would not have had to pay a $70 diagnosis fee and could have replaced the fuel filter. Does this sound right or are they grasping at straws? I am traveling 900 miles away soon...should the fuel filter be replaced now? ~Thank you for any insight!

posted by  taurus73

The fuel filter should be changed every 25k to 35k miles, do you know how long its been since it's been changed?

posted by  99integra

Not changing your fuel filter will surely destroy your pump. Some brand new cars do not have a serviceable filter but if your does change it.

posted by  Carbrey

if you never drove trough any puddles how did water get in their? Cause thats a little messed up. and yes you should check ur fuses to along with a change of fuel filter cause with blown fuses it's like a chain reaction of stuff going wrong.

posted by  TheChris

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