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Ok to start things off, I'm 19, so you can guess that I'm a bit reckless. Don't know if it really matters but my car is a Tiburon Fx '97. So not getting into to much details on how things happened.

I hit a curb, my passenger side front wheel, going at a decent speed and dent it in. (From the looks of it, the wheel sticks out at the top and is dented in at the bottom) From a passer byer and from what I thought, I would need a new CV Axle. After inspecting the car, Oh, It's just the Master Control Arm. (It was bent) After the family mechanic had installed it, he said I would need new struts too. So went and bought them too, not knowing I was going to buy for the driver side later on. (My knowledge is very limited, did not know my car would dip on one side with only one new set of struts) The strut only seem to have only reduced the size of the dent. He later told me that near the strut mount on the passenger side is bent upwards a little and might be the problem. (Not even sure if it's even called the strut mount but I had to buy them too. Mmm, Well the area where the struts connected to the body)

Ok, this is where every things up to date. I have bought new a Master Control Arm, and two sets of Struts with Strut Mounts. My problem is still not solved. Any answers?

My thoughts, I don't know what it is. Doubt its body damage though. One reason thats it only off by a few centimeters. (In between one to three)
Second being, That if you think of a strut as a straight line the dent should always be in the same location, Right? (I could be wrong thought. Like I said before my knowledge is very limited) Except, every time I have to move it around, try not to, the dent is in a different location.

Quite a bore, huh? Haha. Just tried to be as detailed as possible. My bad if it is a bit long and drab. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

posted by  Skrap

So there is a dent in the car and when you move that piece it moves the dent? well if thats soo just try looking up (if you can see to the dent inside the car) and find out if there is a piece that is rubbing that would dent it, if not then i have no idea...

posted by  TheChris

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