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I have an old mitsubishi mirage..it has been mine since a month after it was born..thru the years I have kept it up mechanically as best I could afford at the time but slowly repairing and maintaining led to many problems. Still perseverance may pay off one day and when all running items are in good condition I will have it painted and reupholstered as my reward.
Right now it is having this problem. Three times in the last year the right rear wheel bearing has broken and got chewed up and this time the brakes went and oil was everywhere on the wheel and everything fried together. The mechanics are claiming too heavy a carry load.
But I was told a long time ago that there is a sensor or a sequencing connector or something like that in the back of the car underneath inside and that if that breaks and is not replaced that the right rear bearing will burst or break but I can't find anyone who knows anything about it. There are sensors or a sensor on the rear axle but I think there is another item also in the back as I mentioned. Would anyone know?
I'm going to ask the weight capacity question separately.

posted by  silverwolf

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