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Guys im in need of some serious help, im 18 years old and bought this car with 200k miles off a used car dealer, i had it for about a week and i took it to the mechanics for a simple turning light issue... to make a long story short.. we changed the bulb and now the car doesn't start... the anti-lock, security, service vehicle soon, and sometimes the brake light lights up.. the mechanic checked everything and concluded with the passlock security system being activated.. please can anyone help me disable it or fix it or something.. gmc is charging $700.00 to re-configure passlock:banghead: (and risk it happening again? HECK NO! i rather it being stolen).. i read some online stuff on cutting a yellow wire or something like that.. but didn't quite understand.. please time is of the essance my battery is already dead.. and im going to buy another one as soon as i find a solution to my car. some additional info, the car doesn't work with the whole turn to on position for 10 mins then off then on 3 times, nothing works.. what can i do guys?

posted by  teknicalissue

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