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Hey folks, got a "mods" question today:

I recently purchased a 2002 fully loaded Pontiac Trans AM Ram Air with the WS-6 performance upgraded suspension. It has the Corvette LS-1 5.7 litre 350 CID V-8 with a factory equipped short throw shift kit by HuRST mated to a six speed manual trans. The car is stock with 325 horespower. I am looking at some very light modifications to do to it to boost up the power even more, not that I need it but want it. :-) I was thinking about doing a cat-back exhaust for more sound and better alleviation of exhaust gases. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? I also was thinking about air intake modifications, again, any ideas? I an going to go to F-body sites and read what others have done, I just thought someone here might know about these cars. I know that several relatively simple and cost effiecient things can be done to the stock T/A's for more power. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!!

posted by  cmeseadoin

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