What is a good muffler to get?

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I am new to the whole performance muffler part of cars and i have no idea what to buy! :( can anyone help me out?? I want one that has nice performance but is not ridiculously loud that i will get headaches, just something that has a nice little rumble but just a bit more than stock, not those big ass sausage cans LOL

posted by  h3llfir3

Flowmaster 40, you'll love it.

posted by  99integra

Try a borla exhaust, or try looking on this site. www.andysauto.com he has alot of stuff on their that i get from and there not over priced or anything.

posted by  TheChris

Weld on mufflers are a NO-NO! Don't be a ricer.almost impossible to make one sound good.I will start by saying I hope you know exhaust on a 03 civic gets you no power what so ever, just sound. Sport Compact or something did a test, and with a $1100 exhaust and a $200 intake they got 2hp at the wheels.You need a good cat-back system, as the resonator and muffler are tuned for each other to prevent the weed-whacker sound.I would recommend GReddy and Thermal Technologies. GReddy is subtle and respectable, Thermal is loud but actually sounds pretty good. A first in the honda scene =)!!!Let me squash a few things real quick.DO NOT get bigger piping than you have to.With a turbo, it is true, but for a N/A motor, esp one with few other mods, bigger will hurt you.In regards to sound, the bigger pip will make it "deeper" but in return for not nearly filling up the new volume of air in the pipes you will get the brap noise... a bad move. Listen to a stock civic with 2.5in exhaust and a weld in.... really bad.I would say go with a 2.25 at most. Heat and velocity help your exhaust flow faster, big pipe slows your exhaust as i cools off and creates turbulence before the tip.!!!Number two, the flowmaster! Great for your 5.0, a nightmare for your 1.7! All though I will admit they sound allright for the first few days, as soon as its broken in you will get a SUPREME rice noise very metallic as the flows have no sound deadening material, only their delta-flow design-a-ma-bob. If you don't have a resonator you might as well slap on a Briggs & Stratton sticker.

posted by  davies

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