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ok...I am having a problem...and need help from some experts, goes:

Thursday, I took my car (96 Chrysler Sebring JX) to a local garage to have them investigate a clicking noise my car makes when idleing (never when it is getting gas)...they listened, and his first instinct was that it was a broken flywheel. I needed the car for the evening,b ut took it back friday morning...I called this morning to see if they made any progress, and they replied "we are pretty sure it is the flywheel, but to be sure, we will have to drop the transmission, which will cost $225 for labor alone, plus whatever the flywheel costs."....

my this reasonable? How much would a flywheel probably cost me? How long could I drive (small in town drives) with the flywheel damaged? just things of that nature, as I dont currently have $500 to drop at the present :(

thanks for your time.


posted by  bozburn

If a flywheel is "broken" how does your car start. They must have a different definition from what I'm thinking. Ask them what exactly they mean by its "broken" and maybe we can get somewhere on the matter/ :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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