1994 Ford Escort overheating.

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My 1994 Ford Escort 1.9 manual is heating a bit high. I just had the thermostat changed (by the way really needed to be) an it is still over heating. My radiator has been flushed a few times and it was pretty gnar, it also has a small steady leak. I plan on buying a new radiator tomorrow, but hoping someone might have a suggestion on why it is over heating?
Thanks Bre.
P.S. My heater core has been plugged, cause it went out a few months ago. The juice is still running through the lines though.

posted by  Brin2173

have you checked on the cooling fans already? overheating may be caused by cracked intake manifold. if the coolant is not leaking then there might be a problem with your head gasket. This could cause overheating and if you see a whitish fog from your exhaust then it probably is having a problem..

posted by  michaelross

this is what ive been looking for but 5k is a strech for me...beautiful looking truck though

posted by  ramonak

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