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hello guys.
I have a 1996 chevy corsica that over heats all the time.
I repalced the radiator, thermostat, and all kinds of stuff in the engine. but yet it keeps on overheating.
Can one of you help me. Everytime I go to the shop they charge me so much, because im a girl... so please any help would be nice or advice for that matter!!

posted by  big XXXD


When the Antifreeze component installed in your engine get's older or corrupted then overheating problem arises. But such problems with older cars is acceptable. So you may have to replace Anti freezing component or engine. So instead, it's better to opt for new used cars. Cars aging more then 10 to 12 years cause burden for the owners. If possible buy new car or buy Used cars. Now a days, it's trend of buying used car. One of the reliable resource found in this field is" RZ Cars", just check on the google.com, you will find it.


posted by  rzramon

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