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Ok so i was thinking , i want to paint my mudflaps the same colour as my car, but if i do, i would paint them and clear coat them, then later if i wanted to trim the mudflaps an inch or so from the bottom of the flap, i would cut them with shears but would that mess up the paintjob on them or not? and if it does then if i want to repaint, do i have to take off all the old paint or can i paint on top of a clearcoat? or what?

posted by  h3llfir3

I assume the flaps are rubber. Yes you can paint and clear coat them, although I'd recommend just using a single stage paint. It will be just as shinny and will have less film build. The problem with painting rubber is that it will flex at a different rate than the paint. So when it flexes the paint will crack, the good news is that it will only be a thin crack and once it is un-flexed it will not be real obvious.... the bad news is over time the cracks may begin to chip off and will need to be re-done.

Yes you could trim the flap later..... but, two problems may arise. ONE: you will have an unpainted edge where you cut. TWO: while cutting it may flex the rubber and crack the paint.....

How to re-paint. Yes you can repaint over clear coat (or single stage) you'll just need to clean it good and scuff up the paint. But, on rubber you will be better off removing the first coats. Too much film build will magnify the effects of the cracks. Paint removal is not too hard you could either have it soda blasted or just use paint striper.

Also, there are different adhesion promoters on the market (BULL DOG is the most popular), they are probably a good idea to use, but are not a needed.

I assume the flaps you are painting are fairly generic. So I recommend not to over think it and just do it.... whats the worst that could happen? you don't like it? simply throw them away and buy a new set. On the up side it may look really cool and be different. I am a BIG fan of not following the crowd.

If you decide to do it, will you post some pictures?

Just let me know if you need more info.

posted by  corbett_auto

Thank's Auto For sharing such a useful information With us,I'll try to implenent this.

Keep sharing.

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