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The stereo headunit at the moment runs roughly 55 w x 4, it is connected to the rear speakers speakers built into car, and sub and amp enclosure box connected via remote wire and rca terminals.
Al wanted to do was connect two 200w two way component speakers at the front to the headunit instead of the manufactured built in speakers in door panel so removed them out of the door panel.
Now the wires coming out of the front built in car speakers have four wires black brown pink and green. But the speaker wire is only postive and negative what two colour wires from the factory built in speaker running from headunit do I use to power these new 2 way speakers.
Tried various combinations of brown and black together and pink and green together but no sound comes out of the new speakers.
The basic 25 w mirror speakers connected them up via the new speakers using just postive and negative speaker wire but the other door panel speakers with four wires out of them wont do nothing.
The tiny little 25 w speakers have black and brown wires connected to them disconnected them and connected them to new 200w speakers and they work but dont sound brillant.
The factory speakers are like ok and have more tolerance then the pissy mirror speakers but are going and look shit the problem is theres four wires what goes where

Peugeot 206 1.4 fever 04

posted by  kayamiddlename

Try puting two wores togeathor like pink and green as positive and brown and black as negitive, if that dont work then just look it up for your make and model of car on google or something.

posted by  TheChris

sounds like the factory front speakers ran through a cross-over. A cross-over separates the high sounds from the low sounds. So I would guess that they had 2 wires going to the tweeter and 2 wires going the to main voice coil. The easiest solution is to run a new set of wires from your head unit to the new speakers.

posted by  corbett_auto

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