one of my HIDs is killing the engine

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It recently started doing this. When I turn on my headlights, there's a 1 second period where the engine bogs down and sometime dies. (dashboard warning lights come on too).

My guess is it has to do with the ground since if I put the ballast box against something metal it works. So I tried to take the ground wire and screw it straight into a piece of metal, and it does the same thing.

It is grounded though, since the headlight turns on. It only does this with one of the balasts. Any ideas?

(the truck is a 99 f250 diesel 7.3L)

posted by  manthatwassick

this is not possible, check your power and grounds,
the factory headlight wiring have 12 volt possitive and the negative terminal
so maybe don't use ground chasis

posted by  supra92

sounds like the ballast is almost a dead short

check the resistance on both ballasts, the one thats really low is probably dead

posted by  valvestate

1.check and see if the grounding wire is well connected.
2.check your storage battery, if use them for many years, maybe you should change a new one.
3.change the direction of the plug, exchange the left and right.

posted by  sakula04

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