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Ok , well I want to buy a security system for my car but I dont know what to have on the system. I would like keyless entry, and I heard theres some digital screen that you put on your keychain that shows if someone makes vibration around your car or if someone breaks glass. and other stuff like that. Can anyone tell me what all the proper names for the features you can have put into a security system and how the amount of channels plays in with all this..

Also what is the best security system out there that anyone can recommend that will be able to have lots of features on it.

posted by  h3llfir3

2 way car alarm and remote starter Scytek RS5000-2W-1 Car Alarm, Keyless, Remote Starter Combo with Pager (5000RS-2W-1)
2-Way Car Alarm, Remote Car Starter with LCD Pager Remote & 5 Button Remote. 4 Channel System. A small and innovative Remote Transmitter Pager with Alarm and Remote Car Starter. Remote Start and Monitor your Vehicle from up to 2500ft . The bright LCD display on the Transmitter accurately monitors doors open/closed, hood and trunk open/closed, and hard impacts to your vehicle. It even advises whether the vehicle's engine is running.

posted by  davies

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