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I do a lot of spray painting in my garage and every time I do it, I notice that after im done , a lot of excess paint lands on the floor and dries up but does not attach to the floor, it is like a paint dust , maybe its the paint pigment or something but anyways after i spray theres a lot of this paint dust that lands all over the place, under shelves and everywhere, and its a big mess, I would have to move everything out of my entire garage to clean it up. I will do that sometime but if i paint again , is there any way to stop this mess from happening? I know people are going to say, oh just dont paint at home. but thats not what Im looking for, so is there any answers to this problem? Thanks

posted by  h3llfir3

There are a couple things you can do:

First thing you need to do is draw air through the garage. The best way to do this is to use a fan to pull the air out of the room. The best way I have found to do this is to open the garage door a little, set a good box fan at the door than pull the door down on it... then you will need to block the open area on both side of the fan with plywood or cardboard... next put a small crack in a window. Be careful of what is behind the fan as it will be covered with overspray...

The next thing to do is cover anything you do want overspray on with plastic sheeting.

If you keep a thin layer of water on the floor it will keep the dust down and out of your paint and it will also catch alot of the paint overspray and you can squeegee it out the door.

Another thing to do is use a quality HVLP gun and turn your air pressure down as low as you can to get the paint results you require. Excess pressure will create more overspray.

Year ago I did some painting in a small garage too. I went as far as rigging up clothes lines down each side of the stall with plastic draped over it. So all I had to do was pull it out to protect the rest of the garage.

But there is nothing you can do about the overspray, you will always have it. Hope this helps.

posted by  corbett_auto

Thank's Corbatt For sharing such a useful Tips For Spray Painting,I'll Implement this Tips ,and Will do spray Painting easily.

Thank's & Keep sharing.

posted by  davies

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