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I have a jeep 2001/2 v cheerokee and have been trying to get the battery out to bring it in to charge:banghead:

I can release the terminals no probs:clap: but cant see where the nuts or bolts are to take the battery right out:banghead:

Is there a special tool or some sort of release to eject the battery so that it could be removed & charged? There appears to be some sort of clamp over the battery top but can't see where the holding nuts/bolts are?

Any help would be fab.

Thank you.

posted by  kcapartsjp

Hi kcarpartsjp,
If it were the battery, then chances are you wouldn't be *able* to crank it for 5 seconds. The starter should strongly turn the motor over for that length of time -- if it starts to slow significantly, then you may have a battery problem (now or more likely in the future). I'll assume that the battery is OK.
Quickly forget the injectors -- the newer designs and better fuel have pretty much erased that issue from this particular problem (15 years ago... sure). Actually, the only thing that affects driveability is the dispersion plate at the very tip of the injector -- sometimes, that can get partially blocked and cause a stumble on acceleration (for example), but generally not an extended crank issue. Today, the induction area is of more importance, particularly around the throttle body 'butterfly' valve. These often get choked with carbon deposits and cause idle concerns (i.e. hunting for idle), so it's a good idea to keep this area clean. Years ago, after cleaning them, we'd have to go through a 'learn' procedure for the engines' controller to adjust to the change, but most computers are adaptive enough not to need it these days.
Most times, this issue is the symptom of a problem in the fuel system. Jeep had a problem with earlier model GC's ('99-'01), and some '02's -- the fuel pump had an o-ring that cracked and allowed fuel to leak back through to the tank. Similarly, the pump has a one-way check valve that keeps system pressure as well. Unfortunately, this fuel is there as a residual to assist in starting the vehicle. You see, when the key is turned to the RUN position, the PCM will turn the fuel pump on for 3 seconds (PRIME), and that should be enough to pressurize the injector rail. Then, when the vehicle is cranking, it doesn't have to wait for fuel from the fuel tank -- its already got it. The first thing to do is put a fuel pressure gauge on the system, and see whether it has *correct* pressure at all the right times... 49.2psi +/- 5psi. For those earlier WJ's, there was a TSB that replaced that o-ring, and the later ones (like yours) required a replacement pump.

posted by  davies

Thanks very much for such a detailed reply it is much appreciated.

It turned out I needed a new battery that solved the problem but thanks for the info it could be one to watch out for in the future.

Cheers for the time replying.


posted by  kcapartsjp

my friends mother has a cherokee and theyve gone through batteries every two years. within a few months the terminals get crusty as hell, pos+ even has white goo and looks like a marshmallow. if the battery is undersized for the load of car, the electrolyte basically boils out the water in it and the vapor carries the sulfuric acid onto engine compartment parts and eats them starting with the battery clamps. get a better battery. also if you live in an area with crazy winters like i do, two batteries will keep your car starting every time :)

posted by  valvestate

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