Interior Light Blowing Fuses - 1990 K1500

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Interior Light Blowing Fuses - 1990 K1500
I bought a 1990 Chevy K1500 and it has a few issues. The most annoying one being it had no interior light. I checked the fuse and it was missing. I replaced the 20 amp fuse and it blew immediately. I tested the hot side with a meter and it is fine. The short to ground is on the side of the light. Anyone know what color the wire is I need to replace? I figured I would just run a new wire to the interior bulb from the fuse panel. I can't find a diagram for the wiring. Any help? Much appreciated.

posted by  davies

Was the radio replace ? check the radio ground wire
or remove the radio and try to install a fuse again

posted by  supra92

I used to see this all the time in the car audio world with GM products. You have a dead short in the lighting circuit. The radio backup wire is on the same circuit most of the time. So is the cigarette lighter. Check to see that the hot wire isn't pinched somewhere behind the dash. What seemed to happen more often than not was a small coin getting stuck in the cigarette lighter hole and shorting it out immediately. Get a droplight and make sure the hole is clear of coins and/or any metal object.

posted by  dtvc

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