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Right now I'm having an issue with my rear-turn signal.

It has shorted out the light bulb twice in the last past four months. I changed it this morning only for it to short out within the hour.

I used the lights 3057. Turn/Brake lights.

I'm going to dry the socket out when I get back from school hoping that I only have water in my socket. If that doesn't work I will replace the socket. I'll let you guys know by the end of the week.

PS: This has been one pain after the other. I almost screwed myself this morning only to luck out since one of the school police officers where able unlock my car.

posted by  Tick1

Is it the cars fault you locked yourself out? :banghead:

As for the light issue, what started the problem. Did you buy the car new or used? has it been involved in a collision? You mentioned drying out the socket.... can water get into the taillight? If so the problem might just be when the cold water hit the hot bulb it blows out.

posted by  corbett_auto

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