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ok im 15 and im getting into cars, but i have no older brothers and most of my friends either think im to dumb to help me or they're not into cars...sooooo i have a few goes

What does an intake do and whats the difference between a cool air intake and a regular one?

What does a header do?

What do pistons do?

posted by  dylanisanobody

Headers increase your power to weight ratio i think and a cold air intake has a larger air intake than your standard ram air and bigger plastic pipes to your airbox.
You can get K & N filterchargers as a replacement to your standard paper air filter and they will increase horsepower and throttle response
The more flow your car has ,the cooler it will run and an increase in power will occur.

posted by  SVR

By using a carefully designed exhaust header you can get a little bit more power out of your engine, by arranging for the primary pipe length to be such that the last bit of exhaust gas is sucked out of the cylinder just before the exhaust valve closes. The exhaust gas leaving a given exhaust port is accompanied by a high pressure pulse, which travels at the speed of sound away from the exhaust port. This pulse has a high pressure leading edge, and a low pressure tail. It is reflected back down the header pipe to arrive just in time to suck exhaust gas out of the cylinder. It also sucks some inlet charge in, which is handy, but some of it might just go out the exhaust, but there we are. The pipe length is therefore set so that the time the pulse takes to travel down and back matches the valve timing, and the engine speed. The speed of sound in the exhaust gas is probably not be the same as in atmospheric air because of the gas composition. The speed of the exhaust gas itself is more difficult to determine, but together with the engine capacity determines a sensible header pipe volume.

posted by  Turbocoupe27

OK the kid asks what a header does and you go all scientific. If he doesn't know what a piston does hoes he suppose to know what an exhaust valve is.

I'll take it down a few notchs.

header- alows exhaust gaes to flow out of the engine with much less restriction. making the engine more efficient and in turn make more power.

intake- every car has an intake on it already. It's the piping that the engine sucks in the air through. A cold air intake places the filter out of the way of the hot engine and into cooler air, while adding a less restrictive air filter than the stock one. Think of breathing through a little straw or a big one.

And I don't know what the heck SVR was talking about.

pistons-pistons are the peices that move up and down in the cylinders and push the exhaust gas out and suck the intake air in.

posted by  daytonashelby

Just adding to your comment:

Cold air is more dense. Therefore more o2 to burn per cm/2.
The cooler the air entering the pots helps increase the energy release during the detonation. More o2 to burn equals more energy release equals more horse power

If the air entering the pots is too hot, this can cause pre detonation.

posted by  57ock

THANK YOU ALL for ur comments, i plan on having more as i go along...they helped me...and the guy i didnt really understand, he helped too! thanks al0t d00ds, if i have anymore ?'s i'll come to you :D

posted by  dylanisanobody

ok so i know what those all do now

so now i dont understand the turbocharge/supercharge/nitrous

ok i know nirtous or NoS is nitrous oxide aka no2...ok so i know its a chemical reaction and i know from the fast and the furious that it produces mass amounts of fire...ok and that it makes ur car fast. I also read it was like cancer to your car...if u can tell me what all these (turbocharge/supercharge/nitrous)do then i would apreciate it great...and im not a big car lamens terms for me please! :D

posted by  dylanisanobody

Nitrous oxide has a real scientific way of how it works, if you want to read more about it go to

A turbocharger and a Supercharger do basically the same thing, the force air into a engine and compress it allowing an engine to burn more air/fuel and make more horsepower.
The main difference is a Supercharger runs off a belt driven by the crank, just like a water pump or power steergin pump does, it forces air down the intake manifold
a turbocharger does the same thing, but instead of running off a belt it runs of the exhaust gases, so it is much more efficient because it does not cause parastatic drag on the engine. I hope this helped I tried to make it as easy as possible to understand

posted by  RichG

supercharger pumps in instant fuel air mixture into the intake manifold, at a very high volume up to 100 percent max (short of blowing up the engine) special fuel ususally needed or very high octane. turbo takes exhaust gases to turn a turbine wheel on the exhaust side, lubed in the middle by engine oil, and the larger tubine wheel on the intake side pumps air into the intake manifold up to 80 percent max. it does have a slight hesitation on acceleration unlike the supercharger. the turbo is used on most formula cars and proven to be good on long runs vs short track.

posted by  doug wong

Yeah and a supercharger is almost instant. Turbochargers is have lag times on them. It takes a little bit for the Boot to kick in

posted by  chud298

Wow, I love 2 yr. old topics, do you?

On a related note, superchargers don't pump any fuel, they pump air, and that's all. And to double your power, you run them at 14.4 pounds of boost. And there's no limitation to how much boost you can add. You don't rate boost in percentages, and if you did, you could boost 500% (about.. i don't know, 68 pounds) if you felt like it and had the gas/water-injection to do it (not to mention a strong enough engine...)

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

WTF is ur prob? even if topic is 2 years old, the kid wants to learn about cars, and that's great. He doesn't wanna take half-assed comments or suggestions from certain people. He wants to be able to analyze shit for himself, and i think it's great. I love 2 yr. old comments, don't u 88??
Way to go champ. :thumbs: :clap: :banghead:

posted by  Carcass

Most topics here are probably 2 yrs old if the truth were known - cars have been around since the late 1800s as well as cars needing fixing and the need to share knowledge - part of a forum is to share this knowledge. lets be patient.

posted by  tbaxleyjr


can we get one thing straight though, because I've seen this posted a few times recently: you will not double your power by doubling your boost pressure. There is a thing called adiabatic efficiency that needs to be accounted for. Also look up ideal gas laws and gamma correction.

Doug the compressor wheel (impellor) is not a turbine

88GrandPrixSE I know you were posting tongue in cheek, but some huffers and hairdryers do suck fuel/air mixtures.

posted by  Wally

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