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hey guys,
I have a 1968 Firebird, which my father and I recently put in a GM 350 HO crate engine (I know... GM in Pontiac...sorry) with a 700R4 transmission. To my knowledge this is alot more horsepower, and a better transmission I had in before with stock 327 and 2 speed power glide transmission.... BUT I feel like it has less power then it did with the old crappy engine and transmission. I DO understand the cam and transmission have to do with WHERE to power goes.... but this engine is suppose to be "great" but the car can barley spin its wheels...the car sounds great but the bark is worse then the bite. Is there something that can be restricting the power that the mechanics have done for "my protection" that my father asked them to do......... or is it i have to buckle down and get a new cam? Any input would be GREAT... thanks.

posted by  Kyle Campbell

sorry the engine swap didnt turn out as good as you hoped. If the 326 you took out had a 4bbl carb then it produced about 285 horsepower, so its not very surprising that the 350 you put in isn't much of an improvement. good thing is those chevy 350's are cheap to build, so what I would do if I was in your situation, is sell the 326 or take it apart and sell the parts, and use the money to build up the 350.

posted by  Joe117

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