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I just got a 2004 Porsche Cayenne S with tiptronic s transmission. I love everything about the car except for one thing, the rear windows. I find it really annoying how the rear windows only go half way down. It is a 4 door suv so by rear windows i'm refering to the windows in the back seat and they are power windows. Is there any way that i could make the windows go all the way down? Could i bring it to the dealer and have them change it for me? :screwy:

posted by  akzero5

Looking at a picture of the SUV the wheel arch extends into the rear doors thus I would guess that the window goes down as far as it can where it reaches the top of the wheel arch. A design fact that they probably tout as a safety feature.

posted by  HighWayMan

Why just, why!

I canny make it go down any father cap'an, how can you complain about this? Your driving the fasted 4x4 on the planet and your worried about how far the back windows go down.

If your really peved about it then the only thing that you can do is butcher it with some horbile american engineering and destroy the clean lines by sliptting the wondow and having 1/4 windows put in so that the remaining glass will fit the the door.

I am amazed that you cant take a tape measure and work it out for yourself.

posted by  cinqyg

I feel your pain. I hate this "safety" feature!!

Short of expensive customizing, you really have no avenue for a fix.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Why does it matter?.....I always thought the driver was supposed to sit in the front?

posted by  Cliffy

I have to agree with Cliffy on this one. :laughing: :driving:

posted by  Zderad

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